About Us

Every Company has a story and here is a little of ours:

Doug and Connie Spain are the owners of Earth Art Landscaping. Along side them work their daughter and her husband, Robert & Rebecca Bailey.

This company is truly a family company based right out of Reeds Spring, MO.

Doug comes from a multi-generation family of landscapers. His family has owned many landscape companies from all around Missouri. Doug has experience with landscaping starting when he was only 12 years of age. It was only destined he would marry a successful business woman to start his very own landscape company with!

Doug & Connie raised up two children, Rebecca & Connery.

Rebecca grew up to marry a man who loved the outdoors & art! He was an absolutely perfect addition to a company that provides beautiful art to the outdoors!

Connery is now in high school & working in his spare time.

Of course, in this company not one person carries all the weight, we all help each other out. Although we do have main roles that you will see us in majority of the time.

Doug will be overseeing crews & jobsites as well as doing estimates. Robert is our foreman that will be running the jobsites. Connie will be overseeing the office & Rebecca will be working alongside her in the office as well.

They whole family is active in their local church and the local community. They are members of the Branson West Business Association as well as the Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce.